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Improve your English at work with our new online course. Gain fluency and confidence by expanding your knowledge of business vocabulary, perfecting your pronunciation, and learning some useful idioms.

This course will help you

  • Gain confidence and fluency in using business vocabulary at work. You’ll be able to speak confidently in meetings and presentations, as well as get your point across easily with this interactive course.
  • With this course, you will get over 100 English phrases and expressions that will give you the confidence to speak English at work.
  • Get the confidence and fluency you need to succeed. This course teaches you essential vocabulary that you will use everyday at work.
  • Express yourself professionally in different work situation with our course. No more embarrassing mistakes.

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Course Modules

14 modules full of vocabulary


Module 1: Collocations and idioms

Learn how to use collocations and idioms as well as a list of common ones for business situations. 


Module 2: Persuasive expressions for negotiating 

Triumph in your next negotiation with my list of vocabulary and expressions that you can use in your next negotiation. Gain confidence and make sure you get the best outcome for your company. 


Module 3: Collocations for plans and decision making

Planning is key to running a successful company. Plus, we have to make decisions everyday. In this module you will learn essential language to participate in strategic planning meeting and express your decision making ideas more clearly. 


Module 4: Idioms for negotiating

In module 4 you will continue to learn how to express yourself more clearly in a negotiating. Remember, life is a negotiation, so learn now and improve straight away. 


Module 5: Business collocations with make and do

In this important module, you will learn how to use the correct verb, make or do. These two verbs are commonly mistaken. Using them correctly makes you sound more fluent and native. 


Module 6: Business collocations with take

Take is another important verb used everyday in business. In this module you will learn many collocations with take that you can put into practice in your daily business interactions.


Module 7: Adjective to noun collocations

Understanding how to form collocations is critical. In module 7 we focus on forming adjective to noun collocations and you will learn and practice essential adjective to noun collocations in business. 


Module 8: Adjective to noun collocations

Understanding how to form collocations is critical. In module 8 we focus on forming verb to noun collocations and you will learn and practice essential verb to noun collocations in business. 


Module 9: Cool words for now!

In module 9 we have fun and teach you "cool" words that you can use in business. This vocabulary is "trending" and will make you sound native. You can impress your colleagues with your knowledge of "fancy" business expressions. 


Module 10: How to talk about failure

Things don't always go well in business, so we need to know how to talk about failure. In this module you will be introduced to a wide range of expressions for speaking about problems and failure at work. 


Module 11: Talking about profitability 

Making money is what business is all about. Do you need to discuss P&L statements? Well, in this module you will be introduced to many expressions to do just that. 


Module 12: Ten expressions for speculating

In module 12 we will introduce you to essential expressions for speculating. This vocabulary is used everyday in business, as nothing is certain and things are always changing. 


Module 13: Weak vs Strong collocations

Understanding the difference between weak and strong collocations will help you to learn more collocations in the future. Collocations are essential to sounding fluent and native when you speak English. 


Module 14: Inspirational quotes for business

Do you manage people or teams? Well, in module 14 we finish the course by teaching you expressions to motivate your people and ensure they are inspired. 

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When does the course start?

The course launch date is April 1st, but pre-enrolled students gain access to the course on the 20th of March

How can I pay?

You can safely pay via PayPal or Stripe

How long does the course last? 

You will have unlimited lifetime access to the course 24/7.

Do I get a diploma on completion?

Absolutely! When you complete the course, just email our team and we will send you a personalised diploma for your CV.