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Excellence in Emails

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The Art of Business English presents the “Excellence in Email Writing” online course. This intermediate – advanced level course is perfect for anyone who works in an English speaking workplace and needs to improve their email writing skills to write clearer and more concise emails that get the message across.

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Course Structure

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Lesson one

Listen to episode one of the following 3-part podcast series

Lesson two

Listen to part-two of the improving your emails series by AOBE.

Lesson three

Part 3 of the mini-series into email writing.

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1 Lesson

Defining your audience

In module two we will be looking at defining our audience. The key to writing effective emails is to first understand your reader and what they expect or need to know.

Defining your audience

In this video we look at the often overlooked aspect of thinking about who will receive this email and who will be the reader.

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Linking words explanation

A detailed explanation of essential linking words for writing.

Linking words exercise correction

In this lesson students are watch a recording from a live correction of the linking words exercises from the previous lesson. This is designed to help further the understanding and use of specific lining expressions and deal with some of the most common mistakes.

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2 Lessons

Email vocabulary, symbols and numbers

In this lesson we cover the essential language that is specifically related to emailing in English. Here we look at not only the emailing vocabulary, but also how to talk about email symbols, numbers, domains and the pronunciation of the alphabet.

Essential email vocabulary

In this lesson we look at vocabulary, expressions and skills to help you better communicate your email address to others. This language looks at some of the more technical language that you need to know in order to better express yourself either in person, or over the phone.

In this lesson we cover:

  • Understanding email symbols
  • Pronunciation of the alphabet
  • Pronouncing number
  • Common domain names

Improve your pronunciation using the schwa

Improve your pronunciation through understanding the schwa.

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5 Lessons

How to structure your emails

Lesson one in a 5-part video series on structuring your emails.

Introduction to module 5

In this lesson we look at the structure, layout and language of an email.

Organisation and structure

Lesson two in the 5-part series on structuring your emails.

Email writing best practice

Lesson three in the 5-part series on structuring your email.

Useful language

Lesson 4 in the 5-part series on structuring your emails.

Paragraphing correctly

The final lesson in the 5-part video series on structuring your emails.

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3 Lessons

Formal vs Informal email styles

In this module we look at how to write formally. We also look at when is the right time to be less formal.

Introduction to module 6

In this 3-part video lesson series we look at formal vs informal email writing styles.

Formal vs Informal language functions

Lesson two in the 3-part series on formal vs informal email styles.

Hitting the right tone

Lesson three of the 3-part video series on formal vs informal email writing styles.

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Checking before you send

In this module we cover some guidelines that students should follow to check their emails before they click send.

Checking your emails before you send

In the final lesson of this course we look at some of the best practice for checking before sending your emails.

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Final quiz

The end of course quiz to consolidate knowledge.

Final assessment quiz

Complete the final assessment quiz when you have completed modules 1 - 7.