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Powerful Presentation SGCP

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

This ​​​100% online, 4-week programme is designed for executives who want to enhance their English presentations
skills and develop a clear understanding of communications for
presenters. The course will help you with a wide variety of presentation
situations, from winning internal support for your business ideas or
projects to selling products and services to your external clients.

Powerful Presentations​ program is led by Andrew James Ambrosius Gibbney, who, with his team, bring over 20-years’ business coaching experience to Powerful Presentations.
Our experience comes from training professionals in a diverse range of
business sectors, and our courses have coached junior executives and
senior leaders in their roles to communicate their ideas more

each weekly 2-hour session, we explore and apply conceptual skills for
communication, and coach you to craft and deliver messages more
concisely and clearly. To assess your linguistic needs, you will also
enjoy personalised feedback throughout the sessions – your active
participation is central to this programme.

This outcomes-focused training is exclusively for The Art of Business English podcast listeners and subscribers, and we have limited availability to only 8 places for this programme.

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