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Technical tips for online meetings

This week I have a really special episode of The Art of Business English. I am joined by two English language coaches and we discuss “Technical tips for online meetings.” This episode is a must see if you are required to run meetings online. Maybe you have never considered lightening, audio equipment, camera angles and a host of other considerations. Well, with this week’s episode we are going to reveal everything you should consider when meeting online.

Episode discussion points

-Natural light versus artificial light: which is better?
-The positioning of the camera: the use of thirds.
-How to communicate at eye level when presenting virtually
-Basic overview of audio equipment. Headphones, earphones, microphones, etc.
-Props when speaking and presenting
-Choosing the perfect background
-How to set up the perfect environment for online meetings.
-Avoiding distractions
-The multitasking trap

Show notes:

Andy Smith: https://www.linkedin.com/in/and-smith/

Sign up for Andy’s free webinar here:

Watch the episode here

Final thoughts

To conclude, there is more to just firing up your laptop and hitting the play button. Lighting, camera angles and props play an important role in improving the overall online meeting experience.

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See you all next week! 

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